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Military Metalwork
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Among the many services offered by Military Metalwork, we can provide the reproduction of items in a collection to a high quality.

Whether it is for a handleing collection, a display item or to preserve an original from futher detoriation, Military Metalwork can offer a range of services to meet your requirements..


The reproduction of historical items is our livelyhood, and these skills are very usefull to museums, collectors and restorers alike.

Full item reproduction, from either original items or drawing and pictures can be carried out.

Items can be reproduced to exacting detail from originals so that a handleing collection has exact replicas to demonstrate the style, feel and quality of the original.

Museum shops can have copies made for retail to the public, carefully marked and dated.

Restorers and collectors of items can replace missing or damaged parts to replace those items that would otherwise detract from the finished artifact. Missing parts can be replaced, or copies made to prevent futher damage or wear to already fragile parts.


Military Metalwork has a policy of making sure all reproduced parts are either marked with the year of manufacture, halmarked, or marked as a copy.


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