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Military Metalwork
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Military Metalwork can offer a wide range of electroplating services.

Drawing on over 10 year experience we can electroplate your items to a high level of quality in a wide range of materials.


Military Metalwork can offer a range of electroplating in a variety of metals and finishes.

Metals available are Hard Gold, Pure Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Bright Nickel, Tin and Copper


Hard Gold Plating

With the addition of trace elements of alloying metal, this increases the hardness of the gold, reducing the carat to slightly below 24 K
Porosity from the underlying metal can cause tarnishing unless an intemediate layer used.


Gold Plating

This pure gold plating when used alone gives a matt gold finish that allows burnishing to duplicate the effects of fire gilding.
Porosity from the underlying metal can cause tarnishing unless an intemediate layer used.

Silver Plating for decorative objects .

Deposited in a either a bright or matt solution, this gives a finish that mirrors the underlying metal. A polished surface comes out bright, while a satin finish remains satin.

Military Metalwork uses a general thickness of at least 20 microns of silver which should last 10 years of normal wear.

Rhodium for decorative plating

One of the platinum group of metals. A bright silvery colour, it is used as a overplate on silver because of it's resistance to tarnishing


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