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Electroforming is the deposition of metal from solution to a madrel or mould, building up entire structures to determined thicknesses or weight.

Drawing on over 10 year experience we can electroform an almost exact copy of any item.

Electroformed Shako Plate


The electroforming process was first used in mid 19th Century for making rollers for the printing trade. It is also known as electrotyping from this origin.

Conductive Mould

A mould is employed, which is made conductive and allows the depposition of metal from solution onto it. The plating is built up to the required thickness, where the electroform can be seperated from it to form a free standing item.

Electroformed Lion

Mandrils and mould can be made of several different type of material, either permanent or expendable. Silicon RTV rubber is used to give an almost exact copy of the pattern, and this is subsequently mirrored in the reproduced electroform.

Lion Head

Military Metalwork employes this process to produce highly detailed reproductions form original artifacts and quality masters. Being made in metals, the electroform is able to recieve a high level of polish, lost details can be recut, and can receive any subsequent plating treatment required.

Electroform & Original

This process is especially usefull in limited productions where the expense of costly steel dies would be prohibitive, or where an exact copy is required.



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