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Court Dress is still worn for many civil occasions. Military Metalwork is proud to be able to supply a high quality range to preserve the tradition and style of these historic civil regalia.

Our range of Court Dress buttons, shoe and knee buckles and hat loops utilise carefull manufacturing to preserve the exquisite details of the original faceting. These are not slavish castings.


Court dress buttons are manufactured exclusively for Savile Row tailors, Henry Poole and Co for the production of their civil and court dress. Please contact them directly for price and availability.


Facetted Cut-Steel Shoe and Knee Buckles

Four different matching styles of shoe and knee buckles are also produced. Available as sew-on or fully hinged spring fittings for shoe buckles.
Fully detatchable knee buckles with the same buttonhole hooks as the the original.
All are reproduced is exacting detail, finished with a bright rhodium plating to keep the brilliant lustre of the original faceting.

Facetted Cut-Steel Hat Loops

Fine quality hat loops, with the correct links and chains are made to exacting standards. Brilliant rhodium plated finish to match the rest of our court range.


Court Sword Refurbishment

A comprehensive court sword refurbishment service is available to all. Carefull polishing and cleaning, to preserve the original facetting.
Scabbards can be re-laquered or replaced.




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