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Online Store » Napoleonic Accoutrements » Pouchboxes

Officers Pouchbox & Belt : Dress (laced)
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The full dress belt and pouch worn  by Dragoon and Hussar  officers of the napoleonic period

Price: £350.00
435.22 USD 387.78 EUR 567.83 CAD
Rifle Officers Pouchbox & Belt (Sharpe TV Type)
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This is the style  worn in the TV Series 'Sharpe'

Please not this  is a Victorian style and not authentic for reenactment.

Made  in black bridle leather with  single  piece cross-belt and silver plated bugle horn badge.
Leather box with  buckled attachment, internal flap and stud for closing outer face.

Made to Order  Only   Please allow 8-10  weeks for delivery

Price: £200.00
248.69 USD 221.59 EUR 324.47 CAD

Officers Pouchbox & Belt : Undress
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These patterns of undress pouchbox were worn by Hussar and Dragoon  officers during the napoleonic period.
Price: £250.00
310.87 USD 276.98 EUR 405.59 CAD

Military Metalwork will be closed for the last two weeks of March for family reasons

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