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Military Metalwork
Hereford House
6 Edward Street
West Yorkshire


0113 245 1431

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Craft people and related organisations we would recommend.

Please contact us with any sites you feel would be of interest, or to link to this site.

Crafts and Skills:

  • AGES OF ELEGANCE : A company specializing is high quality reproduction clothing, both uniforms and historical, as well as fashionand and much more.
    This company makes bespoke tailoring to order and is well worth a visit.

  • KEITH LEVETT : A Savile Row trained tailor working for Henry Poole & Co, one of the oldest court tailors in London.
    Keith specializes in the finest British naval uniforms of the Napoleonic Era

  • HISTORYSMAID : Kate Vigurs, live historical interpretation, education and researcher.

  • KARL ROBINSON LEATHERWORK : A craftsman specializing in the reproduction of Tudor period leather-goods. Highly recomended.

  • FABRICATION : Craft workshop in the heart of Leeds, teaching all types of textile and costume skills

  • PAUL BINNS SWORDS: Some of the finest examples of a very tallented blacksmith who makes hand forged early period weaponry.

  • TOAD SHAKOS : Affordable british shakos for battle re-enactment.

Re-enactment Groups:

  • 13th REGIMENT OF FOOT : Colonel Pulteney's (13th Foot) Regiment; A UK based group re-enacting the mid eighteenth century from 1739 to 1765 but specializing in the dates 1742-48 and the Jacobite Rebellion.

  • LACE WARS : The Society of 18th Century Reenactment; Specialising in the period 1740-1760 and in particular the Jacobite rebellion, they stage events throughout the year at historic sites in the UK and Europe.

  • 16th QUEENS LIGHT DRAGOONS :The 16th Light Dragoons is a new re-enactment cavalry unit in the UK depicting British Light Dragoons as they would have appeared during the Napoleonic wars.


General Re-enactment Information Sites:

Military Metalwork will be closed from March 21st for 2 weeks

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